Disabled facilities grant

Disabled Facilities Grant

Disabled Facilities Grants are grants provided by your local authority and are designed to help people with disabilities by providing home improvements such as ramps, rails and door widening to make it easier to enter and exit your home, stair lifts, a downstairs bathroom, new or improved heating systems and modifications to existing bathrooms and kitchens to make them more accessible. If you meet the criteria for a disabled grant then you must be granted one.

How Much Might A Disabled Facilities Grant Provide?

If you are eligible for a grant and you live in England then the maximum you will be granted is £30,000. If you live in Wales then the maximum is £36,000. Though additions can be included on top of the grant by your local council under a Home Improvements Grant and you may also be eligible for a Home Insulation Grant as well.

Criteria For A Disabled Facilities Grant

The basic criteria is that the grant for the work to be done needs to reflect what your needs. This is usually assessed by an occupational therapist to see what will actually help you and what work is not really required. Also considered is the general up keep of your home as the council will not look to spend money adding modifications to a property which in their opinion is in a state of disrepair so this is something that should also be kept in mind. This is of course if you own your property, if you live in rented accommodation then the terms may be different. For example if you need modifications making to an area of the property which is used by more than just you ie: the access to a building which contains a number of apartments then you must check that this would be your responsibility, as it may be the responsibility of the landlord. If this is the case then speak to your landlord and make them aware that they could actually apply for a grant themselves to make the modifications for you, they don't necessarily have to pay for the improvements out of their own pockets.

Where rented accommodation is concerned you also need to make sure that any improvements or modifications you need to make are approved by your landlord as they do have the say on if you are able to make changes to their property (if you are unsure about this check your lease terms). However, if they refuse for you to have the modifications carried out then contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for help as there must be an exceptional reason as to why they have refused permission for disability modifications to be carried out.

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Updated on 11th February, 2009

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