If you are considering further education but feel that this may be something that you can't afford to do, or that your household can't afford to support you to do, then there could be government help which you were not aware of.

This help is called EMA, Education Maintenance Allowance, and has been created to help people who are leaving compulsory full time education to go onto further education. It is aimed at people who are aged from 16 to 18, can be up to £30 per week and is paid directly to you, not a parent, guardian or college.

Are you Eligible for EMA?

To be eligible you need to have enrolled into a further education course and this can be:-

* Full time further education at a College or School.
* A LSC funded Diploma which leads to an apprenticeship.
* A LSC funded Entry to Employment (e2e course).

If you have enrolled into an e2e course then you will be eligible for the full £30 per week EMA grant, this is irrelevant of your household income.

For people who are enrolled into full time education at a college or school or people who have enrolled to LSC funded diploma which will lead to an apprenticeship, your household income would need to fall into the following thrsholds for you to be eligible for an EMA grant:

Household Income EMA Grant
Up to £22,930 £30
£22,931 - £28,125 £20
£28,126 - £33,950 £10
£33,951 and above £0
If your household income is above this higher threshold, you are not entitled to an EMA grant.

Please note that if you have a part time job then this income is not included in the household income calculation for EMA.

If you are eligible for EMA but are concerned that if you receive this payment it will effect what government support your parents or guardians receive then don't worry as this will not at all effect the benefits they already receive.
So if you meet the criteria and think that applying for an EMA is the right thing for you, contact Direct Gov and start your application today.

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Updated on 29th October, 2012

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