Solar energy grants

Solar Energy Benefits

There are many benefits of solar power technology; not only is it better for the environment but it will also save you money in the long run.

Advantages of solar power:

  • Energy from the sun is free.
  • If you produce much more electricity than you use the utility company will buy it from you.
  • Solar panels are very easy to maintain as they have no moving parts and they do not pollute.
  • Even though solar power can only be produced and used during light hours a battery back up system can be implemented to solve this problem so appliances can be used in the evenings.

Disadvantages of solar power:

  • Can be quite expensive to set up.
  • The solar panels need a large surface area to be most effective.

Cost of solar power

If you were to invest in your own solar panels you will have to maintain them yourself but you will then be entitled to receive the Governments yearly bonus of up to £800. A solar panel investment can set you back up to £12,000.

Free solar panels

A new scheme has been introduced to home owners who would like to get solar panels fitted to their home but can’t afford the initial costs. Some companies are offering homeowners free solar panels for their homes; you will be able to save up to £120 a year on your electricity bills but you must keep the solar panels for 25 years but after this time they are then yours to keep. The reason companies are doing this is because the government will pay you up to £800 a year for investing in solar panels; if you were to sign up for free solar panels the company will be the one who will receive this yearly payment.

Grants for solar power

If you are thinking of investing in your own renewable energy you may like to consider applying for a government funded grant; these will often cover grants for solar panels and even grants for wind turbines.

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